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Interractive Multimedia Education (IME)

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Interractive Multimedia Education (IME)  enables to provide discussing and lecturing environment using “Shared Screen” and  “Two-way Laser pointing” technologies on the Internet. Hi-definition TV (HDTV) image transmission plays an important role. The target research is to understand how to share multimedia information on the internet, and also understand the supporting technologies such as “Shared Screen” and “Two-way Laser Marking”.

Major Contents

  • How to share multimedia information on the Internet Requirements and bottlenecks on technological issues Construction of  Interactive
  • Multimedia Education (IME) System

– Significance of Hi-definition (HDTV) image-transmission
– Shared Screen concept
– Principles of Two-way Laser Marking
– Multipoint Communication

Now aday we are have  7 participants : Japan (YNU), Indonesia (Unila), Malaysia (USM), Nairobi Kenya, China, Thailand, Philliphine.  All site periodically share the material using this technology, we hope this small network will increase being a large scale network research.
(IME Device Picture)

(IME Participant)

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