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Install FreeBSD 8 on Hyper-v Window 2008 Server R2

On Our Campus there was Microsoft Agreement for window lincence software included  Window 2008 Server.  As We know Hyper-v is one of Powerfull application bundling within Window 2008 Server for Virtualization.  Now aday i will try to optimize HP Rack Server that already installed Window 2008 Server R2 on it, and i will develop Clustering Server on this device for web service.   Below specification of my server (Memory 6 Gb, Proc 2,8 GHz)

With 8 Core Detected on Window 2008 Server

Please Watch Picture Attach how to Installed FreeBSD 8.2 on Hyper-V, Enjoyed..


  • When create The Hardisk Partition For FreeBSD Must Be Bellow 40 GB, if more than that Hyper-v System will not work for FreeBSD
  • Default network card that is added by wizard, but  For Network Interface, Please Create/Add  Legacy Network Adapter that compatible/Support With FreeBSD OS (badly just 100Mbps)
  • Start the machine and “mount” ISO image to start booting FreeBSD…
  • Install it with parameters you want…

Install APAChe On It

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