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Chapter Data & Signal

September 30th, 2011 No comments

Tugas  Chapter Data & Signal, saya kebagian membahas 4 soal ini.

Questions :

  • Draw an example signal (similar to those shown in figure 2-12) using NRZI in which the signal never changes for 7 bits. What does the equivalent differential manchester encoding look like ?
  • Twenty four voice signals are to be transmitted over a single high speed telephone line. what is the bandwidth required (in bps) if the standard analog to digital sampling rate is used and each sample is converted into an 8-bit value?
  • Draw or give an example of a signal for each of the following conditions: the baud rate is equal to the bit rate, the baud rate is greater than the bit rate, and the baud rate is less than the bit rate.
  • Using shannon’s theorem, calculate the data transfer rate given the following information : signal   frequency = 10000 hz, signal power = 5000 watts, noise power = 230 watts.

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