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Kiat Sukses Menjadi Seorang Network Engineer Professional

August 6th, 2012 No comments


Rupanya layanan translator bahasa online: Google Translate semakin canggih saja, algoritma penterjemahan kalimat/paragraph terlihat jauh lebih baik,  Yahh… memang apabila kita baca secara seksama terjemahan dari Google Translate ini rada “Ngaco” dan harus di disesuaikan kembali apabila kita ingin menulis ulang dalam bahasa yang diinginkan, namun setidaknya tool ini sangat membantu saya ketika ingin memperoleh terjemahan kasar dari artikel yang saya temui di internet yang berbahasa pengantar diluar bahasa Inggris.

Iseng-Iseng siang ini mencoba mentranslate artikel mengenai Kiat Sukses Menjadi Seorang Network Engineer kedalam bahasa Inggris, dan hasilnya lumayan juga, saya rasa orang bule-pun masih bisa menangkap makna dari tulisan saya ini 😀

==== HASIL TERJEMAHAN: IND=ENG ======================
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Currently we are entering an era / century digital information that indicated everything was going with the help of “technology” , any information can easily be obtained from various media including through internet media, social networks, blogs, journals, learning sites, forums , mailinglist, etc.. Mobile as a communications technology products is also growing rapidly, has emerged the latest smartphone generations of a large variety of vendors with features and technological sophistication that allows users, such as Android , Blackberry, IPhone , Tab. It seemstoday almost all people in Indonesia ( even in the world) already have mobile phones to support their daily activities.

The era of digital information also opens up vast opportunities in the industrial field of Information Technology (IT), all universities both public and private reading of this opportunity by opening competing shades of IT Courses like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Information Systems, Masters in Information Technology, etc.. Even dilevel SMK also has a concentration of IT (Computer Engineering and Networks, and Information Systems). In the non-formal education sector has mushroomed specialized IT training institutions are equipped with internationally certified Trainer for various fields of IT studies, with the same goal scored generation of IT professionals.

If you read the job posting, it will be very much you encounter a variety of IT jobs at various companies both at home and abroad, this suggests that the role of IT has become an “enabler” in providing “Value Added” to the company, so with all things IT likely to materialize. Various IT companies can hire workers with a high salary to ensure smooth business activities of their company. Of the entrepreneur, IT also has an important role, many entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of IT, such as online business, web site creation services, software houses, computer store, computer repair, and many other areas of self-employed.

Now I’ll discuss a bit about Network Engineer , the term is usually attached to people with knowledge in the field of Networking capability, IT course at college Networking usually is packaged in a special course in Computer Networking, Computer Networking and Data Communications, Komdat (Data Communications), the course syllabus is not far to discuss in detail how the technology works as well as introduced the latest technology trends, on the campus with good facilities are usually specialized networking course is also accompanied with a free trial or practice directly to implement the academic knowledge has been obtained, it can be in the form of practical work in the laboratory, the implementation on a specific project, or do a site visit to the IT division of an institution.

For those of you who had not received his formal education and non-formal bench, you need not fear to be involved in the IT world, because the current digital information age it is possible to study independently with the help of IT technology course, you can learn self-taught from an online forum, social network, books, and other IT resources that circulated widely on the Internet, the condition that there is only one high willingness and patience, in Islam we know it “Man Jadda Jadda wa”, “Who is serious – indeed, will succeed”.

Here I summarize the successful tips to become a Network Engineer;

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